Live loved

Because of the Lord’s great love, we are not consumed for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness. – Lamentations 3:22-23

I’ve been reading and meditating about this verse for weeks now and it has given me new promises to hold on to! I’ve known of this verse for many years now but it has never spoken to me as it does so clearly these days. And that’s one of the best things about the Bible, it’s alive and it’s speaks to us, it’s the Word of the Lord!

I’d like to share some of the learnings and promises of these verses to me lately.

1) It’s not easy but we are not consumed

The book of Lamentations is believed to be written by someone (popular belief is Jeremiah but unconfirmed) after the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem. That’s why it’s called Lamentations because it is full of laments of the writer/s during those dark times.

But, tucked in the middle of the book is this verse. Somehow, amidst the destruction and desolation, the writer was convinced of God’s faithfulness. In the middle of darkness, there was confidence that they are not consumed because of God’s great love!

That was mind-blowing for me and really humbling – because again, our lives can be difficult but we will not be consumed! Because God’s compassion overflows! How amazing and how much release this is from the pressures of life!

2) Live in confidence that we are loved

The verse, and the Book of Lamentations really, shows that there would be trials in life. That there are times where there would be so much challenges and despair… that the temptation to lose hope and faith is so close at hand, it’s easy to given in.

But this verse is a promise, it’s an assurance that no matter what happens in life, we can live it fully with the confidence that we are loved by a great God! We can live a life that is loved. We can live, loved.

My friend, you and I are loved and let’s face tomorrow knowing just exactly that!

f12e5fbc-e299-4484-936b-437ec28962d4Almost every work day, I get welcomed by the sunrise when I get down the bus. Most days, I rush going in but there are days like this, when the majestic Sun demands a pause and a glance, and I oblige.


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