Trains and Nicknames

Train stations in Japan can be overwhelming especially to people like me who come from a country with fewer train lines. And in major train stations, you can hear people speak multiple languages, mostly by tourists calling out to each other. One thing that saved me and my sisters from getting lost amidst the crowd is calling each other by our nicknames that we only use within the family. One call for your nickname will make you turn around – it’s a call that we need to stop or we made a wrong turn and we need to go back or one of hs just got lost and the others found us. And every time, in the overwhelming sea of faces, our focus can be caught by just a call to our nickname and we are back to your safe zone because we can see each other even amidst the noise and the crowd.

And I realized, that is true with our daily lives. There are many distractions; people will say a lot of things to us. Some to hurt, some to flatter, some to anger, some to make us smile and amidst all of those… I am clear on who I listen to? Whose voice I will look for amidst the noise? Whose voice will calm my overwhelmed heart? Whose truth I will believe amidst the realities of this world?

Jesus. It’s Jesus. It’s a great reminder for me to always, always focus on Jesus. Amidst the noise, amidst the overwhelming sea of faces, amidst everything that people might say, it’s Jesus. It’s a reminder to take comfort and peace in His faithfulness, take joy and confidence His grace. He knows me, He calls me by my name if I just listen. He knows you too, He calls you by your name too… if you just listen. ❤️

“Do not fear, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine.” – Isaiah 43:1-2 NIV


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