I’m Married!

My cellphone count-down widget says it has been 20 days since Car and I got married, and so far it has been fun!

Has it been perfect? Of course not.  We are two imperfect people, how can that be? But has it been fun-filled, love-filled and amazing? Absolutely.  Is it so far worth it? Absolutely.

Of course, I’m speaking as a newlywed, coming from 2 honeymoons with still a hangover from our awesome wedding – but with God’s grace and guidance, I’m confident I’d still say absolutely to those two questions years from now until forever.

While not an expert, there were a lot of things that Car and I learned in planning our wedding.  A lot through personal experience of having gone through wedding planning and surviving it, a lot as well from our dear Pastor Joyce Nickowski who was very patient with counseling us, and also from our families and friends who helped, gave us advices and supported us from the start.

So the next blogs posts are written to share to you our experience and things that we learned hoping that you’d take a tidbit or two if you are also planning your wedding.  If you are already married, please share your thoughts through the comments and your own learnings as well.


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