In Memoriam: Doggy

We wanted to name her Darla, like the cute girl from the movie Little Rascals.  But she was just so… rowdy as a kitten and the most suitable name for her was Dog.

There were two kitten choices from Fatso’s litter, we wanted to keep the other one because it was cuter but Dog just steals the show everytime.  So we took her in, and our lives will never be the same again.

When I say there’s never a boring moment with her, that’s the truth.  She just really was… crazy.  She was
really not like a cat at all, except when she’s being one.  She announces her arrival everytime.  She grumpily purrs when she walks.  She will sit down and meow at you when she wants to be petted, even if you are far from her it would be you who would go to her.  She was so rowdy when she gets inside the house.

Was.  I still can’t believe I’m writing about her using “was”.  I thought cats had nine lives.  Yesterday would be remembered as one of the saddest days in my life.  My heart is aching when I saw her lifeless and unmoving.  You see, that’s not the Dog I knew.  She had great personality, she wasn’t nice, she was fierce and naughty. She had great personality.

Had. Was, had. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

Doggybear.  Buggy.  Baby girl.  BG. Duggary.  Dog.

We wanted to name her Darla but she passed away ensuring that she lived a life worthy of a lot nicknames.

My heart is aching so bad in the places I didn’t know existed at the realization that your piercing blue eyes will never ever stare back at me anymore. I love you Doggy.  My heart is still breaking but I will be all right.  I will live life that way you did, with fun and fierceness. But my heart will still break and I won’t be the same.

I will never stop missing you, bye Doggy.  Thank you for the memories.


January 4, 2004  – Dec 26, 2011


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