Okay, I’m back :-)

Well, hello there 🙂

The last thing I want to do is for this blog to have any negative effect on everyone, so after all that ruckus, I’m here again and I’m back putting all those things behind me.

It’s December, it’s nearing Christmas.  I have never and will never claim to be perfect or faultless, so this Christmas season, by His ever faithful and amazing grace, I’m choosing to forgive and love they way my Jesus forgives and loves me every single moment of my life. 🙂


December has been, to say the least, interesting.  It has always been one of those months of the year that things get crazy at work, and though it has always been like that and this is my 6th year, it’s always different.  Same, but quite different.

I am in the middle of a lot of stuff right now at work and here I am, Saturday night, trying to catch up on all things left behind.  I decided to pause for a while and reflect and I realized, in the middle of the business, I forgot it just two weeks left before Christmas.

There are a lot of things that I have to do, so many decisions I have to make, and God’s grace has only been the only thing pulling me and my team through.

Tonight I want to be reminded of the promise that I have been holding on since 2001;  that the hardest problem I will ever encounter has been solved 2,000 years ago.  I am saved, I am free, I am promised of heaven because Jesus saved me 🙂

The story never changes, it’s still the greatest story ever told: Christmas is still because the Savior, our Redeemer, is born 🙂

Hello, December! 🙂


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