Happy day! Thank You, Lord!

Lord, You have been awesome, wonderful and amazing!

Thank You for another year that has passed and thank You for the confidence that the coming year would be blessed as well.

Happy anniversary to the Expat Comp Team, 2 years na! πŸ™‚ San, Felynn, Jo, Trissa, Cid, Carms, MR, Nina – it was awesome working with you the past two years!

Happy anniversary to the July 09 hires: Angeli, Haze, Madz, Cai and Anapet!

Happy birthday to Lia, and congratulations on your regularization! πŸ™‚

Dear Lord, thank You. I couldn’t have done this without You. Thank You for the good days, and the days for learning. Thank You for friends, thank You for opportunities. Thank You for the everyday blessings. Thank You for being faithful for the past 4 years of me working, if not for Your favor, I would been out long before.

All of these, I give back to You. My everyday is for You to be glorified more and more. All glory, honor, praises to Your Name, and Your Name alone πŸ™‚


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